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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Week 6 - Battipaglia, 1/19/2015

Well this week consisted of alot of finding! We also went to Pozzuoli to do exchanges with the other Sorelle (sisters) in the Napoli zone! That was super neat. Pozzuoli is BEAUTIFUL. 

Most cities in our mission of an English course where for free the missionaries will teach English. So here in Battipaglia we are known for having a very small class who has been coming for 4\5 years; all of them. They know all about the church and have been taught the lessons. We have been trying to find some new people and this week our prayers were answered. On Tuesday like 10 new people showed up including a whole family and then like 6 Young Single Adults. It was awesome and they are so nice. 
Side note. (it is amazing to see how the Lord blesses us in ways we do not expect but that help Him fulfill his purposes. Sorella Argyle and I are doing alot of finding and so we've been pryaing to be more bold. When I started praying for this I imagined that it would just be help in being braver talking to people on the streets or speaking more italian, but that is not quite what the Lord had in mind for our increase in courage:) !
Okay so in English Class we give spiritual thoughts and Thursday we were in charge so we wanted to do something super cool because we have so many new people and we just felt like we should really do something more than just share a scripture. Soo... in Preach My Gospel there is this section that talks about how the BOM answers questions of the soul and then it lists all these questions with corresponding scriptures.  So we decided, being a new year and a new EC that we would give an introduction to the BOM and then help them answer one of these questions to the soul every week. Ahh. Okay so we made snickerdoodles to soften their hearts a little bit :) and brought a bunch of copies of the BOM for them. So 1st we wrote on the board "is there a God" and then I started and said what the BOM was and then Sorella Argyle talked about how it has the power to answer questions of the soul such as the one on the board. Then we invited them to take a copy of the BOM and look to see the answer or wait until next class when we would answer the question with the book. Then we each testified of the BOM and its truthfulness and its power. The spirit was so strong. So afterwards we had 5 people come up and take a BOM! 3 of them asked specifically where to read to find the answers and one of them said he wanted to come to church. 
The Lord answered our pleas to be more bold but in a different time and setting then we had anticipated. It was scary to be so straight forward with so many people. Would they not come back? Would it be to much? But the Lord gave us the courage to be bold and helped us testify with the spirit so these people could feel that there really are answers in the BOM. 

We had some pretty neat experiences during finding this week. Its hard to explain but I truly can testify that the Lord knows his children and knows where they are. We ran into this woman and after talking to her it was just purely the power of God that brought us together at that moment and in that time. She needed the message of the peace and comfort of the Plan of Salvation and that God loves her and knows her. It was crazy to hear her story and see the pain and ache in her eyes and know that we have the power to help her come unto Christ and to know him and to be healed by his Atonement. AHH. The knowledge of this gospel is SUCH a blessing. TRULY. 

Hope all is well!
Sorella Kennedy 

 haha! okay so that sign in the photo said that the people downstairs should close the door so that unwanted visitors did not come door to door... aka us and the jehovas witnesses... but we were doing it anyways... haha it made us laugh. 

Passalong card on the railroad track :/ 

These pictures of the coast are the view from the church in Pozzuoli. it is INCREDIBLE! 

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