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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Foggia - 12/21/2015

(So this is a little personal note but I will go ahead and post it) 
Well I'll write something cool while I'm waiting for you all to
respond. Sooo yesterday we did weekly planning and at the end we tell
each other what their strengths are of the week and Sorella Peterson
said to me "you are just so bold. You talk with everyone. All the
other missionaries that I talk to always tell me that I should learn
as much as I can from you and they're right! You have really become a
missionary, you can see it. And you can see that you've let the
mission change you to become more and more Christ like. I just hope I
can learn as much as I can from you."
So that was basically the coolest thing ever ever ever. It was so neat
to hear her tell me, "you have really become a missionary,"  "it's
who you are." And that is something I wasn't sure would ever
happen, just because being a missionary is crazy haha. But it was just
really super super cool.
Anyway....that was rad. (a good shot in the arm doesn't hurt once in a while)
What else... Foggia is hard. Really hard. We have 0 investigators.
We've been working hard and seeing members and less actives and doing
as much as we can, but it's going to take a while to rebuild this
place back up. But a lot of the members I've been building really
strong relationships with, because I feel like that is the way we are
going to get Foggia going, is to build them up to give us referrals.
The greenie is doing good. She's hanging in there! haha Foggia is hard.
It's a lot like Battipaglia. But she's doing great, and is so ready to
love and help the people. She doesn't understand a lick of anything
hahaha but she speaks pretty well so that's good. We'll help her get
there. I remember not understanding anything and it was so so
frustrating. You just felt lost and out of the loop and mess all the
time. Seriously though the gift of tongues is so so real. I understand
almost everything anyone ever says to me. Sometimes I understand the
meaning of Italian words but don't know the actual translation in
English. And I know when I hear something that I say that's wrong
I can hear that it's wrong if that makes sense... Like it doesn't flow
Okay well I love you,

Sorella Kennedy 🇮🇹

Foggia - 12/14/2015

Hello family!!
Okay about the week, this week was really awesome. I had the
opportunity to do a really long scambio with the sisters from
Bari while I was waiting to get the greenie. So we had some really
super cool experiences together but one of the best was when we were
going to Bari from Foggia were sitting there and this family of 4 sat
down from across from us. There were 4 adults. So we start talking
and of course we start talking about the church and we end up teaching
the restoration right there. But the most amazing thing was that not
only were they listening but also these two guys standing in the
aisles were listening and these people in the chairs in front of us
were turning their heads around to hear what we were saying! We were
teaching half a train car! It was so so rad!!!! They all felt the
spirit in what we were saying. In fact
After we talked about the apostasy and how Joseph Smith wanted to know
which church was right one of the girls turned to her husband and
said, you know there really are a lot of churches... :) bingo.
Then Thursday I got my greenie!!! Her name is Sorella Peterson and she
is awesome! She's from Logan Utah. She's really quite sweet and I
think she's going to be a fantastic missionary. I'm still kind of
trying to figure her out but she's excited to work and learn and I'm
excited to have her.
Well I love you!!!
Sorella Kennedy 🇮🇹

She's here!!! Welcome to Italy Sorella Peterson!

The Italian people love very elaborate and beautiful nativity scenes!!

This is a girl who is going to get baptized and my new "greenie" Sorella Peterson.

Foggia - 12/7/2015

Drummm rollll....... IM TRAINING!!!!!!!!
Woooo!!!! A greenie is coming to the Foggia! I'm so excited!!! I'm
scared but I'm super excited to. I really love Foggia. The members
here are so awesome and the area has a lot of potential. It's
interesting because I've been with all the sisters from Bari because
Sorella cano left me Friday. So I'm on like a really big scambio until
my greenie comes on thursday! Anyways they told me that everyone
before me has hated Foggia. That all the sisters there have hated it,
and that they are excited for me to train because they think I will
change Foggia and the opinion that the mission has of Foggia. So
that's cool. Also I don't know if I told you guys this, but Sorella
cano actually wrote to president telling him that I should train haha
she told me that for the sake of the greenies coming in I had to
train.. Haha so cute.
Yup. What else, the anziani had a baptism and it was so so cool to
see! And then this girl that the other anziani are teaching (but that
I'm super homies with) came to see the baptism and she just cried and
said that it was so beautiful because she just pictured her baptism
the whole time and I literally almost died when she said that! I
seriously love this girl and she's not even my investigator haha....
This week part of my scambio was with this girl that took my spot
after I left battipaglia and we have just been talking about
battipaglia... And I cannot really describe how hard it was. It
was good to get to talk about it with someone else because seriously
it was so hard. I'm so glad I survived. Haha but I love it so much. Ah
the mission is so good and complicated.

Well I'm so excited to talk to you!!! I love you!!!!!!

Sorella Kennedy 🇮🇹

Nativity scenes