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Friday, January 16, 2015

Week 5 - Battipaglia, 1/12/2015

We had some pretty cool experiences this week!! Here are some highlights. 

The time our branch sang in a Catholic Church
So there is this man who comes to our little branch here in Battipaglia just to play the organ. He is very catholic but heard that Brigham Young let some catholics who were opening a mission in Salt Lake use a room in the Mormon tabernacle while they had nowhere else to go and so to show his gratitude for this act he plays the organ in sacrament meeting every week. Then once a year he invites us to come sing with him in his church. So ya that was super cool! He is a really neat man. We (the branch) went and sang our little hearts out with an organist, a guitarist and a piccolo player in a catholic church. Our investigator came with us to and we got to eat dessert and mingle with all the catholic choir people and it was super cool to see our branch and this church be good friends and you could see that it really meant a lot to him that we all came. 

We learned the amazing impact of preparation. 
So we were walking to a town nearby called Belizzi to try and find some less actives in our branch but didn't realize how far away it was and so we walked really far and then had to turn around because we had another appointment. But the whole time Sorella Argyle and I were roleplaying the restoration because we were going to teach it to our new investigator that night and then later when we went to teach it I was able to actually teach some of the doctrines of the lesson and able to bear part of my testimony because we had been practicing all day. It was a super powerful lesson and the most i'd ever spoken during a lesson. In the end she even agreed to be baptized if she received an answer that it was true. WOO. She also came to church again this week. She is a really neat, kind, loving woman. But was amazing to feel the difference practicing so much had made even though it was tedious. I was able to listen to the spirit more because I wasn't worrying so much about what I was trying to say. 

Funny Story of the week:
We stopped (held up) a train!!! So we were getting off this train and none of the doors were opening and we had to get off because we were going to teach a family and so I hop through this door at the last minute and Sorella Argyle is still on and the door closes!! So i'm like pulling on the door and shes pulling on the door and we can't open it. So i'm like standing there and then the conductor's yelling at me to move so the train can leave and i'm trying to explain to him in Italian that she's my companion and then he's starts motioning me to have her come through his door (which is the only one that is still open) and so she's running through the cabins and I'm running on the outside and people are just staring at us and then finally we reached the open door and all was well. But moral of the story was we held up an entire train. But also talk about blessings that we had a nice conductor because otherwise we would have been seperated and that would have been a disaster....haha

So ya those are the highlights of the week! These next couple of weeks are going to consist of ALOT of finding. We have exhausted our area book and we just need new people. We are praying for strength and courage in speech to find those that the lord has prepared to hear us. 
Thanks for everything! 
Also shoutout to the Westpark ward for my wonderful package!! Seriously you guys ROCK!!! It was exactly what i needed. 
Sorella Kennedy 


So happy to receive all of these Christmas cards!! You guys are awesome!!  

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