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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Week 7 - Battipaglia, 1/26/2015

Well we saw some small but pretty cool miracles this week here in Battipaglia. 

1. We were following up on our english course students challenge to answer the questions of the soul while reading the Book of Mormon and we asked who had read the chapter we assigned after and this little kid in our class who is 11 years old shoots his hand up and says, "i did....and proceeds to summarize the beginning of the book of mormon with 
Lehi and his sons." :))))) Then after Anziano (Elder) Trejo went up to him and was like so do you like the Book of Mormon and he was like ya I read a page every day... (this was not the assignment) then Anz. was like well do your parents know that you read it? and he was like ya. and Anz was like well what do they think about it (because most people here do not want their
kids reading the Book of Mormon) and he was like "oh my parents are okay with it we read it together"....(WHAT??). and anz. is like trying not to die of excitement and he's like Oh well what do your paretns think about it? and he was like oh they like it alot to. AHHHH!!! How cool is that?? A whole family is just reading the book of mormon together! So cool! 

2. One of our less actives that we visit is AWESOME. She's just super funny and always makes us laugh. This week she really did make us laugh and maybe cry a little to because as we were talking to her we told her "we want you to read the book of mormon and come to church because we love you" (side note: in italian there are different ways to express love, ti vogliamo bene is like love like for a friend. Amore is romantic love.) okay so we were like la vogliamo bene and then she was like, you americans don't understand that phrase, you don't love me and i don't love you. If you left tomorrow I wouldn't be sad, and went on about this for about 10 minutes. and im sitting there like... are my translation skills really faulty or did something go completly amiss here... haha but then she ended up giving us chocolate and asking us to come back and telling us that the president and our branch mission leader annoy her when they ask her to do things but then she asked us to come back and talk about the book or mormon. SOO. she does love us... even though she won't say it. 

3. I had the most AMAZING hot chocolate ever!! it was litterally like liquid chocolate. wow. that was a miracle of deliciousness. 

4. We ran to the train station at 5:40 in the morning because we had to catch a train to Napoli to help with transfers. So this was just an experience Sorella Argyle and I will never forget of running to the station with our coats on, in skirts, in the dark to the train in battipaglia. We got on and were sweating... haha. it was awesome. kind of ;)

5. We taught the restoration over a bar counter at a restaurant. haha. We were stuck in a town for pranzo so we went to this bar, restaurant to have some pasta and were just casually eating and like you know not even really saying much and then we get up to leave and this woman who is working there is like who are you.. and so we tell her and then we walk over to the bar and she tells us you've caused a bit of chaos here, people keep asking us who you are. so then we like taught a brief restoration lesson over the counter of this bar and gave her a card. haha its interesting that people noticed us just by our tags and just our presence. That was awesome. 

6. We had 3 less actives come to church!!! Just of their own free will! We had been working with them in other ways like the Book of Mormon, but then they just showed up to church!! AHHH. One of them was the woman who told us she didn't love us... haha. :) We were seriously so blown away and so grateful to the Lord for helping them come to church. 

Thats it for this week!
Ti Vogliamo Bene :)
Sorella Kennedy 

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