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Monday, November 23, 2015

week 51 - Rome, 10/26/2015

This week I had some really really cool spiritual experiences.
I'll write them to you later but we had a lesson with this woman named
Alessandra and I just had this crazy experience where I felt like in
that moment I was exactly where I needed to be and was a person I was
supposed to find. You were also totally right about sharing our
personal testimonies of Christ. It helped a lot and brought the spirit
so much.
Haha So I was thinking about courage this morning and I just thought about what would it mean to be a soldier of the lord... 
This is what the scriptures told me: 

2 Timothy 2

1 Thou therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.

2 And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.

3 Thou therefore endure hardness (which is footnoted to be hardships or trials), as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.

4 No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.

So I was thinking about how we are chosen soldiers of the lord but that he's basically the best drill Sargent because he's not scary and mean, and he's also chosen us individually for our own talents and strengths. I also think a key difference is that when he sends you out to battle he doesn't just send you out on the front lines to die... 

1 Samuel 17: 

45 Then said David to the Philistine, Thou comest to me with a sword, and with a spear, and with a shield: but I come to thee in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast defied.

46 This day will the Lord deliver thee into mine hand; and I will smite thee, and take thine head from thee; and I will give the carcases of the host of the Philistines this day unto the fowls of the air, and to the wild beasts of the earth; that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel.

47 And all this assembly shall know that the Lord saveth not with sword and spear: for the battle is the Lord’s, and he will give you into our hands.  

This is my favorite part. That in the end... Even though we've been chosen to fight the battle, we are never left to fight it alone. We don't need to worry. I just think there's so much power in that line.. For the battle is the Lord's. 

Anyhow.....I don't know.. Haha hard to explain all my thoughts over email but just thought I'd share. 
I also loved 
2 Timothy 1: because it's a letter that Paul writes to his son, and it reminded me of how I feel like you guys write and feel to me sometimes 
1 Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God, according to the promise of life which is in Christ Jesus,

2 To Timothy, my dearly beloved son: Grace, mercy, and peace, from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord.

3 I thank God, whom I serve from my forefathers with pure conscience, that without ceasing I have remembrance of thee in my prayers night and day; (you guys think about me and always pray for me) 

4 Greatly desiring to see thee, being mindful of thy tears, that I may be filled with joy; (and you want to see me and I want to see you to) :) 
Anyways I love you jerk faces!!!! 

Sorella Kennedy 🇮🇹

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