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Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 9 - Battipaglia, 2/9/15

Heres the haps for the week: 
1. We spent 2.5 hours getting lost and taking the wrong buses in salerno to try and find the ex-simp only to miss our appointment with her. So we were discouraged.. to say the least.. but we went down to the pier to do some finding and met this couple who were interested in our message about living prophets and want to meet with us again. Sometimes you get lost for a reason.. :) 

2. Sorella Argyle and I made a goal this week to be better about setting fixed appointments. The people love to say oh ya well get in touch.. or hear from you later.. then we never hear from them.. so this week we worked really hard to do that. Anddd.. it worked! We had alot more appointments! Some people didn't show up to them but the theory behind them is still applicable. It was great. Also we set a super high goal for the amount of less actives we wanted to see and because of this we saw 5 less actives! This was awesome. Our area has alot of less actives because a branch was shut down. So its really great to get to see some of them and we have a few we see every week that we are hoping will start wanting to come back to church. 

3. One of our female investigators came to church! This was AMAZING because this last month or so she just hasn't been able to make it and we really wanted her there! AHH. it was AWESOME to see her walk through those doors. 

4. Its been raining for 3 weeks straight. :O and today it snowed... in Battipaglia.. literally snow. This has been.. an adventure because people already don't really want to stop and talk to us let alone stop and talk to us in the pouring rain.. also one of our members who is crazy is convinced that the rain is the foreshawding of the 2nd coming... so watch out. 

5. You will laugh at this but i think my pre mish self and my mish life have officially collided because i had a dream that one of the general authorities got turned into a zombie and i had to save him. lol

ALSO......Tomorrow i turn 20! What???? This is nuts. 

ALSO......(for those of you who are Friday Night Lights fans)...........
I translated clear eyes full hearts can't loose into italian for you. 
occhii chiari, cuori pieni, no puoi perdere. :) 
phonetically you say it like:
occhee kearee.. quoree peeaanee, non puoee perderay

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