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Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 10 - Battipaglia, 2/16/15

(In response to mom's questions.....)
For my birthday....we had district meeting so the anziani got me a present and then we had ice cream sundays! :) then sorella argyle put 20 reasons she loves me around the house on sticky notes so that was super cool. and we got pizza that night :) it was a good birthday. I could feel heavenly father holding me together so that i didn't miss you guys too much though. that was a big blessing. 

Okay so they do have valentines day except they also have this thing called Carnivale, which is like a happier version of Halloween. Pretty much for the last like 2 weeks and this week too, little kids will come to the center of the city dressed up as princes and princesses, super-heros, and such and then you can buy bags of confetti and silly string and they spray it everywhere and throw it everywhere so the ground is littered with confetti and silly string and then they have special cookies and stuff for Carnivale and ya. Its super cool to see! haha but ya that's been the biggest things that's been going on. Also if you were ever looking to feel comfortable displaying public affection, Italy would be the place to come. haha Valentines day/this weekend we saw a lot of people very comfortably displaying their physical feelings toward each other... haha it was funny. 

(I mentioned we had a lesson on happiness at church and Hailey was sharing her thoughts about happiness.....)
I totally agree with you. I think part of finding happiness in this life is figuring out what brings you joy and finding the Savior in it. Like idk if that makes sense but seeing the beauty in reading harry potter... or in dancing.. or in being at the beach.. or going to the gym and feeling good.. or listening to music and feeling infinite at a concert or whatever it is. I think that Heavnley Father created this world for us to enjoy it and that being happy in it is something that we have to strive for but it is a worthy and beautiful goal and one the Lord will help you with. 

So nothing super crazy happened this week. We got canceled on alot... which was a super big bummer. But one really fun thing we did was we went to this brother and sister less actives who are super old and super sweet and she taught us how to make zeppele which are kind of like doughnuts! but italian style. It was so so fun and we taught her a gospel principles lesson while the dough rose! it was also really funny because the lights went out during the baking process so we finished them by candle light... haha it was an adventure. 
Then you know the woman i told you about who watched joy to the world and who we gave a book of mormon to? well we went to say hello to her and she just started talking to us like we were good friends and then told us that she had been reading the book and that she liked it and she would keep reading and write down questions and that we needed to come back to answer them. she said its important to look for the truth and so thats why im reading it. AHH. how awesome is that!! we are super hoping that she continues to read and lets us come give her an actual lesson one day. We really like her. 

Well those are what happneed this week. 

Learning to make zeppele!!! (italian donuts)

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