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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Foggia - 12/14/2015

Hello family!!
Okay about the week, this week was really awesome. I had the
opportunity to do a really long scambio with the sisters from
Bari while I was waiting to get the greenie. So we had some really
super cool experiences together but one of the best was when we were
going to Bari from Foggia were sitting there and this family of 4 sat
down from across from us. There were 4 adults. So we start talking
and of course we start talking about the church and we end up teaching
the restoration right there. But the most amazing thing was that not
only were they listening but also these two guys standing in the
aisles were listening and these people in the chairs in front of us
were turning their heads around to hear what we were saying! We were
teaching half a train car! It was so so rad!!!! They all felt the
spirit in what we were saying. In fact
After we talked about the apostasy and how Joseph Smith wanted to know
which church was right one of the girls turned to her husband and
said, you know there really are a lot of churches... :) bingo.
Then Thursday I got my greenie!!! Her name is Sorella Peterson and she
is awesome! She's from Logan Utah. She's really quite sweet and I
think she's going to be a fantastic missionary. I'm still kind of
trying to figure her out but she's excited to work and learn and I'm
excited to have her.
Well I love you!!!
Sorella Kennedy 🇮🇹

She's here!!! Welcome to Italy Sorella Peterson!

The Italian people love very elaborate and beautiful nativity scenes!!

This is a girl who is going to get baptized and my new "greenie" Sorella Peterson.

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Linda said...

Beautiful photos.