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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Week 5 MTC - leaving on Tuesday Dec. 9th for Italy

Wow! This week was a spirtually giant week. Let me give you the highlights. 
1. Our surprise speaker was... drum roll... Elder Bednar!! WHAT?? So he and his wife spoke. They did a Q and A sesh where they passed out cell phones then they connected those to an ipad he had so you texted in your questions to his ipad, and he answered them in front of everyone AMAZING. some of the highlights were: 

1. We pray alot, how do you make prayers more meaningful?
be specific. don't just ask for help ask for help with X, Y, Z. THIS WORKS. I experimented this week upon this theory and it is real. I asked for help to develop a spritual gift mentioned in my partriarchal blessing ( discernment, knowing what level to teach people at) and it was amzing how much i recognized the help of the savior in that way and how i read about it in the scriptures more and it was even mentioned in class. Super cool!
2. As seniro couples, how do you deal with being away from family? 
Time spent away is strengthenign those at home, its only for a season and your example with bless generations. I thought this was pretty cool. 
3. Don't beat yourself up. God's timing is not a reflection upon your worthiness. 
4. Qualify yoursellves for the blessings you need and ask for them! 
5. this 18 month or 24 months is bootcamp for the rest of your life. All you are ever going to be is a missionary. Thats WHO YOU ARE. 

Those are just some of the highlights. was pretty phenomental to have an apostle answer specific questions and the spirit teach our hearts what they needed to know. 

I felt like finally this week I can read in Italian!! Woooo. Like i was reading predicare mio vangelo (preach my gospel) and i Knew what it was saying. Also its weird to hear myself speaking english sometimes.. CRAZY. I'm not even good at speaking but hearing my voice in english is sometimes weird! 

They decorated the plaza here with A TON of christmas lights and a nativity scene! It is so BEAUTIFUL. it makes me so happy when we come out here at night and the whole place is lit up. 
Vocal point came on Sunday night for the devotional and did a singing devotional! That was AWESOME. Soooooooo great to just have some music speak to the soul. 

Sunday Sherri Dew Spoke in RS: 
WOOO. How phenomenal was she. 
Her main question and theme to us was: 
Are you willing to engage in the wrestle?
Then she said that most answers come when wrestled through. Its not so much about your strength either but about your leverage. figure out how to leverage the gospel for your questions. 
This principle of wrestling is SO true. The biggest decisions or biggest questions of life usually do not come easy. We have to ponder it and ice pick our way to the top of the mountain to get it, but once we do oh how sweet is the victory and how firm our knowledge. 

We also listened to this talk Elder Utchdorf gave at the MTC a while ago. A few things that he said that were awesome were: 
While on your mission your potential will be lifted to a level that will bless you for life and into the eternities. 
Think about the people that will marry, love, and serve with the people that you bring into the gospel in the future. You are loved and treasured by those whose lives are effected by your service. Do your work for them. 

So anyways...This week was pretty amazing. I cannot believe that i Head out so soon. I know that this work is good and I am SOO excited to meet the people in Italy. I love them so much already and I don't even know them haha. 

Love you all, 
Sorella Kennedy 

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