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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I'm HERE!!!!! Day 1 - Dec 10, 2014 - Leaving the US and Arriving in Italy!! Week 6 of mission

Some last pics with the Rome, Italy Crew.

Some of these missionaries will be going to Italy as well....but Milan (Northern Italy) Mission

Missionary Dorms

This one's out of order but is one of the last evening events together with the MTC crew.
She's HERE!!!! That is the New Rome Italy Temple in the background.  It's a 40 acre site on the outskirts of Rome. It will have the temple on the grounds, a visitors center and much more.  If you want to check out pics of the plans and see more information about it here is the link.

These are both Milan (northern Italy) and Rome (southern Italy) Missionaries I believe. 

President and Sister Waddoups   Rome, Italy
This picture was taken after leaving the MTC at 6 am on December 9th and flying all night and into the next day and landing in Rome at 12pm on December 10th.  22 hours of travel.....yikes.....

What up??! I made it safe to rome! We are allowed to email from the mission presidents ipad to let you know that we made it safe and sound. We find out later tonight where we are going!!! Woooo :) cant wait. Not gonna lie leaving the US was scary. And hearing everyone speak in italian as fast as a bullet is scary, but i feel so much peace about being here. This is the start of an amazing adventure. Love you so much!!! P.s. I don't know if ill get to read responses so don't worry about that. 
Love you all a 1000

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