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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Week 15 - Battipaglia, 3/23/2015

Well this week was a great one! Here is why:
1. okay so we have the scottish lady that lives up in Salerno that we have been teaching and we go and visit her every week. When we first met with her she told us that she felt like the Joseph Smith story and the Book of Mormon seemed very far fetched and she just didnt feel like they could be true. She was super skeptical of the Book of Mormon because she was raised in a home that was very centered on the Bible and the 10 commandments. But she said that she wanted to understand the Mormons and so we told her the best way to do this would be to read the Book of Mormon, so she has faithfully read every week 3-4 chapters every week. So this week when we went we asked her if she thought the Book of Mormon could have been written by God's prophets and without hesitation she said yes! Wow. This was such a testament to the converting power of the Book Of Mormon. It really is another book of scripture and the word of God. 
2. One of our english course students walked us around a town next door to Battipaglia called Eboli. He lives there and he took us on a tour of the historical part of town which had buildings that were 1000 years old!!! How crazy is that?? It was nuts. And it was so beautiful. It was like these tiny cobblestone streets with these big old homes lining it. It was pretty incredible. 
3. This Friday we went to Mission Conference!! Oh my gosh it was amazing. I got to see a bunch of my MTC homies and we got to hear Elder Teixeira (of the 70) and his wife. IT was so inpirational. The conference was focused on finding, specifically street contacting, which was super good because that is something that is hard for Sorella Argyle and I. He just gave us some really neat advice on cutting straight to the message of the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. So we have been working on putting this into practice these last couple days and it has really made a huge difference. We have been able to talk to alot more people about the gospel and just testify more in general. I will report more next week. :) Also funny adventure. On our way home from the mission conference there was a strike in Rome so all of the public buses, airplanes, trains were on strike so we had to have a private bus drive us down to Napoli so it was 4 sorelle and 20 anziani on a bus for like 3 hours haha. It was super fun and pretty funny. 
4. We had some seriously cool inspiration this week. So we had an hour before we needed to be home one night and so Sorella Argyle suggested we go check in on our friend that works at the bakery. So we go down there and her and her husband and his brother and wife are all there and so we started talking to the husband and his brother and he was like oh ya they're mormon and so we started telling the brother more about what we believe and then he was like oh cool ya and then we started telling him about the Book of Mormon and he was like whoa.. can i have a copy and we were like um yes of course. So then i started talking more about the book of momron while sorella argyle was talking to his wife and i was telling them that the Book of Mormon is the story of the people in America and when Jesus appeared to them and the both were like WHAT?? jesus appeared to the people in america... like im not kidding jaws dropped just like in shock... and i was like ya, if you read the introduction it talks about that. So then he was like okay im going to read and then we told him to call us if he had any questions but they were closing the store so we had to go. So then as we left sorella argyle said the she found out that our friend got cut from working at the bakery so she doesnt work there anymore and that was actually her last night working! this was crazy!! had we not gone that night we would've never known that she got fired or where she went or anything like that. We just felt so extremely blessed that the Lord was guiding us to go see her and her family that night. 
So yup that was the week! It was pretty awesome! :) The church is true and the lord has each and every one of us in his mind. 
Sorella Kennedy 
Cathedral in Eboli (town next to battipaglia)

Notice the date it was built.......

Mission Conference

Old friend from the MTC 

"SO we mailed hailey this package in the middle of january for her birthday in february......thinking I was really on the ball. It just finally got to her march 20th.  Apparently because it had certain food items the Italian customs and sanitation department held it.  When we finally figured out what they wanted (a wire transfer of 80 euros) through a third party which  then had to give the "OK" to the postal service  - it had been a very long time." - Elizabeth hailey's mom

I GOT MY PACKAGE!!!!!! HOLY CATS!!! MOM IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!! THANK YOU A MILLION MILLION. The cards were the happiest thing and all of my treats and the shirts were so cute and the backpack in my favorite color and ahh it was just the greatest most coolest ever. Thank you thank you thank you!!! 

I had my mom send pop tarts for sorella argyle who has apparently never had one!!:)

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