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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Week 12 - Battipaglia, 3/2/2015

Well this week was transfer calls and Sorella Argyle and I are staying here in Battipaglia!! We are so excited about this because.. drumroll... this week we got 3 new investigators!! What a miracle. 
One of them in this woman we found doing streat contacting on the pier in salerno. She is the neatest woman. Serioulsy. She told us her husband had passed away recently but that she tries not to look at it and experience pain but remember the joy and the privilege it was to be with him for as long as she was. Isn't that amazing! You just don't meet people with such a beautiful attitude about trials like that. She is truly an amazing woman with a very special spirit. 
Then there is this husband and wife who run a yogurt shop here in Battipaglia that we are frequent customers at :) When we first got here the sisters before us told us that they might be interested in the gospel so we should go and try and talk to them. Well for the first 4 weeks we were here we went in about 3-4 times a week and they were never there. So we kind of put them on the back burner and then this week one day when all of our plans and backup plans fell through we were like oh we could go get yogurt... and then jokingly.. maybe they will be there. Well what do you know?! both of them were there! So we started talking to them and then we started talking about the gospel and gave them an introduction to the book of mormon and then the wife had to leave and she was like will you come back on tuesday and tell us more? and we were like uhh ya. :) and then we stayed and talked to the husband some more after and he was like we should have you over for dinner next week. that would be great. and then he wanted us to come back on tuesday and talk more to!! ahhhh it was so awesome!! Its amazing to see how the Lord puts people in your path in his own time and in his own way. 
We are so excited to be here in Battipaglia. We feel like our work here is not yet finished and we have alot of faith that we can see some real miracles in these next 6 weeks here. 

Guess What?? Elder Bednar is coming in april becuase we are getting ipads!! 

We will be able to show mormon messages and bible videos to our contacts which will be AWESOME because it'll be a short beautiful way to introduce the gospel to them and continue to build the friendships we have. and well get to hear elder bednar speak!!! 

In response to mom asking about the girl who was trying to get baptized before she left to come to the US: 
Did she get baptized??

Sadly she did not... she had the interview and was totally ready but none of us felt right about trying to rush into it this week. For some reason we don't know why but we feel like she needs to be baptized in Florida. But it was cool because sorella argyle and i both felt like even though she didn't get baptized -  we did our job which was to show her that she was worthy and ready to be baptized because when we first came here that was a big concern for her and she hadn't wanted to set a date at all. But i think we had to go through all of that like picking a date getting her interviewed and everything to show her and strengthen her own testimonny or belief in herself that she is ready and knows its all true. So that was pretty awesome. 

It's interesting to see and feel even when we don't do big grand things that the little things we do to be friends with people make a HUGE difference to them. We had this one english course student tell us this week that we are the first sisters he has ever liked... and he was so nervous that we were going to be sent away. He's known the sisters for like 3 or 4 years! its that kind of stuff that just reminds you that being peoples friend is SO important and maybe thats the first step they need to come closer to Christ. 

love you all!!!

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